Sponsors of Shaddock MMA help our MMA Community Grow!

Sponsorship can be a crucial factor in helping Shaddock MMA grow and achieve its goals. With financial backing from sponsors, the gym can invest in improving its facilities, equipment, and coaching staff, providing a better training environment for its fighters. Additionally, sponsorships can help Shaddock MMA promote its brand and reach a wider audience, both locally and globally. By partnering with companies and brands that share similar values and interests, Shaddock MMA can create mutually beneficial relationships that increase its visibility and credibility. Sponsorship can also provide opportunities for fighters to compete in high-profile events, which can help them gain exposure and attract more fans. Overall, sponsorship can be a key driver of growth for Shaddock MMA, allowing the gym to expand its reach and compete at the highest levels of the sport.

Air Dry Your MMA Gloves... FASTER! with Youngstown AIRLOOP

Shaddock MMA gyms are officially sponsored by Youngstown Airloop.  Youngstown's AirLoop is an innovative tool designed to dry your gloves more quickly. Simply loop the AirLoop into a tight circle and insert it deep into the cuff of the glove. AirLoop will expand to hold the gloves open and promote airflow. The increased air flow helps to reduce drying times and unwanted odors. 1 package contains 2 loops.

Loops can be purchased directly at the gym for $10.00 dollars per set.


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