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MMA Training can:

Help with overall physical fitness

Aid in mental well-being 

Build confidence in overall life 

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Martial Arts Near Me Shaddock MMA Fitness Eldersburg MD

We are located in the back shopping center at   As you turn, you will go to the furthest part of the shopping area.

Our address:
6345 S Carroll Park Dr
Eldersburg, MD 21784


I have been training Jiu-Jitsu for only two months and feel like I have already made incredible progress. By combining these classes with healthy eating, I have been able to lose about ten pounds in just a couple weeks. Every class will push you no matter your skill level.

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I have been looking for a place like Shaddock MMA for nearly 10 years. Until I joined, I had been to gym after gym with absolutely no luck. I just felt like either a number or like I didn’t belong at other places, but here I feel like part of a team.

Shaddock MMA Student Deb