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At the recent seminar hosted by Shaddock MMA, participants were treated to an enriching experience led by guest coach Noel Smith, a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The event, held at Shaddock MMA's gym in Eldersburg, MD, showcased Smith's extensive expertise, garnered over 25 years of training
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Get ready for an extraordinary experience that will push your boundaries both physically and mentally. Picture this: Living and training alongside Cory Sandhagen, Tim Welch, or Liam Harrison at our awe-inspiring Colombian mega villa. This retreat is designed to unlock your full potential, with special guests in Yoga, Strength &
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Enhance Your Martial Arts Journey with DDP Yoga at Shaddock MMA Fitness Classes NOW - Check Our SCHEDULE HERE  Elevate your journey with DDP Yoga at Shaddock MMA Fitness Develop flexibility, strength, and focus for advanced techniques Experience this fusion in Fall 2023 – join us on this exciting journey
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Curious about Coach John Shaddock and Shaddock MMA? Discover Coach John Shaddock's story at Shaddock Martial Arts in Eldersburg. From wrestling with brothers to finding passion in martial arts, it's been a wild ride. Join in for a workout that's not just about fitness but having a blast. Whether a
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