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Get ready for an extraordinary experience that will push your boundaries both physically and mentally.

Picture this: Living and training alongside Cory Sandhagen, Tim Welch, or Liam Harrison at our awe-inspiring Colombian mega villa. This retreat is designed to unlock your full potential, with special guests in Yoga, Strength & Conditioning, and mind-blowing surprises! Shaddock MMA wants to let you know about these trips.*

Fighters Retreat
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Fighters Retreat MMA All Inclusive mma fighter retreat

About the Fighters Retreat*

•Upon arrival overseas, our team will greet you at the airport and escort you directly to our stunning villa.
•Food & beverages will be provided upon arrival.
•Take some time to unwind, meet the other attendees and prepare for the days ahead.
•Wake up to a nourishing breakfast, followed by a session in meditation, visualization & breath-work.
•Next: Engage in a strength & conditioning workout or embark on a nature run.
•Indulge in a delightful lunch prepared for you at the villa.
•Then, it's time for a 2-hour training session with Cory, Tim or Liam at our dedicated training area.
•Embark on an adventurous excursion (horseback riding, paragliding, nature hikes, night-outs, town visits & more).
•Return to the villa for a satisfying dinner.
•After dinner... enjoy free time with attendees from around the globe.

*Repeat until second last evening of the retreat*

•The same schedule follows on the second last evening: After dinner, we'll have a Q&A with Cory, Tim or Liam and a special lantern ceremony.

•Then, we CELEBRATE!After the Q&A & Lantern Ceremony, you'll receive your certificate of completion signed by our special guest fighter & The Director of Fighters Retreat, along with a limited edition Cory, Tim or Liam & Fighters Retreat Colombia 2024 Martial Arts T-shirt!

•Transportation will be arranged to take you to the airport for your return flight.

•Return home with indelible memories, newfound skills, and cherished experiences.

Upcoming Fighters Retreat* Dates


Retreat dates: July 9th-15th, 2024

All-inclusive package (flights excluded) with expert assistance in coordinating your travel arrangements

Luxurious $7 MILLION DOLLAR villa featuring a grand indoor jacuzzi, gaming room, and personal chefs for daily group meals!

Convenient private airport pick-up and drop-off, plus all other transportation needs covered

Proximity to breathtaking Colombian nature for that extra touch of paradise
Daily exhilarating training sessions with the legendary Cory, Tim or Liam
Additional activities to elevate your experience: strength & conditioning workouts, rejuvenating meditations, epic excursions, and much more!
Unforgettable lantern ceremony and exclusive Q&A with Cory, Tim or Liam
Receive an impressive certificate of completion signed by Cory, Tim or Liam, along with an exclusive retreat t-shirt

All-included luxurious shared bedroom, transportation, meals, accommodation, training & excursions

• Partners are welcome at a reduced rate

• Flexible payment plans are available

Email : [email protected] at Fighters Retreat DIRECTLY for more details!

*Legal Disclaimer:
Fighters Retreat is an independent company offering all-inclusive retreat packages for fighters (MMA) to travel abroad, reside in villas, and receive training. We provide links and contact information for Fighters Retreat for informational purposes only.
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